26 Jan, 2021

This summer, as children head to the beach, go on family vacations, and attend picnics, they'll also be spending more time on the internet, whether we like it or not. In fact, according to the National Cyber Security Alliance, kids and teens ages 8-18 use electronic devices for almost eight hours daily, signing up and accessing many websites

Despite restrictions, more and more children are going online, regardless of our feelings about it. On the other hand, we can't totally separate most kids from apps, games, and social media because it's a huge boost for kids to escape from daily stress, connect with friends, or engage in fun activities.

However, there's no silver bullet to the many dangers that affect an individual once you have internet access, especially our kids. They are unaware of the risks, and the best we can do as parents/guardians is to share online safety tips with them.

Let's begin with the safety tips!


Teach them to keep personal information private.

Parents or fosters should discuss with kids that personal information such as where they live, their mobile passwords, schools they attend, phone numbers, and after school playground must remain undisclosed. They should never share those details with strangers or any online website other than their parents or trusted adult figures. They must always remember to ask parents or guardians before sharing any information online.

Kids should know how to manage passwords

Parents should ensure passwords are changed regularly and not used across multiple online accounts their kids' access. It is essential to create passwords with unpredictable combinations of characters and numbers to protect children's privacy. 

Let's explain to kids the importance of not sharing passwords, especially at school or online. To monitor kids' online behavior and keep them safe, parents should know their children's passwords or perhaps maintain their passwords using a password manager.


Cybersecurity should no longer be a definition to teach children but an online safety tip that kids should know about.