Frequently Asked Questions

Common concerns, questions, and objections that customers have

Who are Tutorish.com online tutors?


At Tutorish.com, our online tutors are experts in their respective fields. Our tutoring team consists of experienced trainers with Masters's degrees, Masters Students, and University graduates with top-notch results in their area. 

Our experts cut across all major STEM subjects only, particularly Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.  


Our tutors answer questions in the most simple and easy-to-understand manner for the students. Each answer to the question comes with examples and brief notes for better understanding.


Do I need to make an appointment?


At the moment, yes. We may offer an offline method later, where you can submit your question only, and the tutor will answer it perfectly for you or you can post a requirement for your specific need that can be responded by other students or tutors. However, right now, you will need to make an appointment with any of our tutor that matches your subjects. 


While searching for the right tutor for you, we will present you with a list of tutors and their relevant information, including their qualifications, experience, hourly rates, and many more. Then you can choose a tutor and the preferred time that suits your availability and your comfort.


Which subjects can I receive tutoring in?

Presently, we only focus on STEM subjects alone, particularly Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. And our class focus is High School only. Later, we plan to add other subjects to the list, including Arts and Humanities subjects, and Business subjects.


All the aforementioned subjects are available at all levels of high school. However, in the future, we may add College level to our online tutor class.

Aside from the STEM subjects, we also offer writing solutions and Textbook solutions to cater to students' needs at the high school level.


How can I access the tutoring schedule?

Generally, Tutorish experts are 24hrs per day available. However, depending on your availability, accessing the tutoring schedule will require you to sign up on our website.


Following your account's successful sign-up and login, you can then pick from the available Tutors. From there, you and the tutor will then schedule the time for yourself. It is easy and simple. 


How much does tutoring cost?


This is solely based on the tutor you're picking from our website. Before you choose any tutor, their information would be presented to you. This includes their charges, usually per hour.  


However, some tutors may charge for less, while some charge more than the average price. Go for the tutor that meets your requirement. It is cheaper. And the tutors give quality tutors or answers to any of your related questions.


When can I get tutored?


The schedule and timing of when you can get tutored depend mostly on you. As a student, you are the one to determine when to get tutored. 


At Tutorish,com, all our experts are readily available to tutor you at any point in time. Just make a simple search to know which of the tutor you want to choose. Then, the timing can be arranged between you and the tutor.


Usually, the tutoring period is a minimum of an hour, and this is because the payment rate for the tutors is determined at a per hour rate.


Does Tutorish offer tutoring for standardized tests?


Presently we only offer tutorials on High School subjects at all levels. And it is STEM subjects such as Math, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. 

While at the moment, we don't offer tutoring for standardized tests such as PSAT, SAT, GRE, GMAT. Our group of expert tutors can easily train you core subjects to build you up for the Standardized tests.


We are also considering the to offer the service of standardized tests in the nearest future. 

Similarly, we offer Textbook solutions and writing solutions to match students' wants and requirements. 


I'm interested in becoming a peer tutor. How do I get started?


All students have the option to become a peer tutor. As a student one can see all the requirements posted by other users of the platform. You can respond to the requirement and become a peer tutor.


How Long Does an Average Lesson Last?


This depends on you. But you're expected to have at least one hour to get tutored in a lesson/session. This is because you will be charged per hour. 

Though, a particular tutor might not be available for all the hours. However, you can easily move from one tutor to another after the first tutor's elapsed time. Most students use 2hrs on a particular subject or topic.


Is the tutoring online only?


At tutorish.com., the tutoring is done online. The whole lesson is done or carried out through web internet interaction. Both the tutor and student will have to be on either side of their PC to get started. 

In the long run, we may choose to add offline tutoring to our platform. This is to promote flexibility between tutors and students. Also, some tutors working offline can be able to research well before answering questions. 


Is Online Tutoring More Effective than Face-to-Face Tutoring?

Most often times, yes. With online tutoring, students can have the confidence to ask more questions about things they don't understand without any reservations, unlike face-to-face tutoring, where students may be afraid/scared/contemplate to ask questions.


Students can also quickly check textbooks or other sources around to complement what the tutor is teaching without getting queried by the tutor.

Another positive effect of online tutoring is the flexibility of students being taught when they are ready for the class rather than the general schedule.


Is Online Tutoring Safe?


Yes, online tutoring is safe. There is nothing to worry about. Our tutors at Tutorish.com are friendly in their approach. They use simple vocabulary. They explain better and adequately. Our tutors are professionals, and they don't kid around with the students unnecessarily.


The transaction with our tutoring website is protected and safe. Hence, no risk of personal information leakage, and each user or student is treated uniquely.

The timing and schedule are flexible for both students and tutors. Hence, our tutoring platform is safe to operate and use.


Do we need any app or to download Study materials?


Presently, our tutoring platform is cloud based web applications. We may create applications that cut across various operating systems that include Androids, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux, etc.

Typically, a good laptop is enough to access the website. With a good internet network through data provided by the internet network provider, or Wi-Fi, students can easily access the website.


Therefore, you don't need to look for any application at the moment. Just your laptop device and the web browser such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome are sufficient.


Is online tutoring technology hard to use?


Technically, our online tutoring technology at Tutorish.com is straightforward and simple to use. You only need a personal computer and working internet. Then you're good to go. Except you don't have a basic computer skill, which is very rare in this age and time.


Hence, with basic computing skills, like typing and using the mouse to navigate the PC, you can quickly use our online tutoring technology or platform. Just enter the address on a browser and follow the subsequent instructions on the window space.


Do students maintain their focus online?


Indeed, students are expected to maintain their focus online. It is believed that since students get tutored at the actual time they chose, they must be ready and have the full concentration to be tutored. 

At Tutorish.com, our experts teach students in an exciting and stimulating way that keeps them focused throughout the lesson session.


With adequate examples and easy to comprehend teaching methods, we safely guarantee students to maintain focus while being tutored on our platform.


What is the relationship between student and tutor online like?


Though the relationship between the students and tutors on our platform is friendly, our tutors keep it professional and ensure an adequate level of respect and discipline throughout the tutoring session.


Our tutors ensure a cordial relationship between them and the students while maintaining the expected proper student and tutor relationship that doesn't go beyond the lesson hour.

Suppose there is a form of an unacceptable level of interaction between the students and the tutors. There is a channel to report such awful occurrences, and actions will be taken.


Is my child too young for online tutoring?


Age 14 and above are expected to use a computer at a basic level. Hence, depending on your child's age, online tutoring is so flexible that it can cater to any child of a young age capable of operating a computer system. 


At Tutorish.com, our focus at the moment is on the High School level. Hence, it is expected that any students of such educational level are not too young for online tutoring. Rather, our platform is designed to cater to everybody of high school grades or level.


How will we receive feedback if we don't meet the tutor?


Our online platform at Tutorish.com is designed in such a way that students will quickly receive feedback if they would or wouldn't meet the tutor. 

This is because our available tutors at any moment are depicted with "online" indications, and a quick message to them is quickly replied to.


The tutors not available are quickly sent emails from our end, and most of the time, they respond without delay.

In turn, we send you messages on your account with us or on the email address you used during registration on our tutorial platform.


On the other hand if you are not satisfied or not happy with the session/lesson you can always raise a dispute on the platform and explain the reason for the dispute. The platform admins will review the dispute and respond


Does Tutorish.com cater to international students?


Absolutely, yes. It does not matter where you are. In as much you can browse the internet, you can access our online website, Tutorish.com.

As an international student, there are no separate or unique ways to contact our online tutor that differs from local students.

At the moment, there is no special treatment for international students, but it is an option we will consider soon. This option is to ensure the International students get to have flexibility in their quest for knowledge.


Does your company tutor subject other than math?


Yes, at the moment, Tutorish.com tutors at least four core subjects that are STEM-focused. This includes Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

We are soon hoping to combine STEM subjects with Art and Humanities courses like English, History, Social Studies, Foreign Languages, etc., and Business-related courses like Economics, Accounting, Marketing, Finance, etc. 


Similarly, our focus at the moment is the High School level. We may add College courses to it later. 


Are there tutors for other languages besides English?


Presently, at Tutorish.com, we only offer tutorials using the English language. However, in the future, we will add other popular languages to our tutorial classes—particularly languages such as Spanish and French. 


Do you offer payment plans or financing?


Yes, depending on your comfort and affordability. We have designed various payment plans to cater to every student. There are a few days plan, monthly subscriptions, and yearly plans. We also offer payment rates, which the tutors themselves determine. This rate is based on the hourly rate.


To pay on our platform, students can pay directly using master cards or a PayPal account. We recommend no student divulge their bank card details to anybody, not even their online tutors. 

Also, there is a warning that any transactions conducted outside our platform are at the party's risk.


Will I get the same tutor every time?


On our tutoring platform, students pick their tutors each time they want to have a tutoring session. Hence, students may get to choose the same tutor repeatedly if they are available. To pick the same tutor every time is at the discretion of the students.


Most of the time, some preferred tutors may be occupied by other students, so it is advisable to pick from the next available online tutors on our platform that matches your subject requirements.


Typically, all our online tutors are experts in their respective fields. They are brilliant enough to tutor you to help you understand the course content and eventually pass in flying colors.