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General terms

Tutorish is an online platform for those who seek tutoring services and those who want to provide tutoring services or any other entity on whose behalf the user shall be accessing the site. These terms stated herein are entered into by Tutorish and its users and you as a user are agreeing to it by (a) accessing website content (b) registering for tutoring sessions through the site (c) enrolling yourself as a tutor or provide content as a tutor through the site (d) using the website in any possible way (e) by terms agreement as and when required.

If any action conflicts with the purpose of the website and inconsistent with the terms, the terms and conditions shall apply. If any term or provision is deemed invalid by government, court or arbitration, the parties accept that new terms and policy coherent with the state law and the business itself shall be replaced with the rest of the provisions intact and applicable at all times.


Online Conduct and Registration

You should always provide Tutorish with accurate information to the best of your knowledge. If a change occurs in that information, it should be updated immediately from your side. You are allowed to use the website only for lawful purposes and its usage for transmitting or posting any obscene, threatening, harmful, sexually explicit, profane, racially and ethnically degrading or any such objectionable material is strictly prohibited. The tutors are to be treated with respect during the online classes or sessions. No personal information is to be shared with the tutors and tutors are also advised not to share and ask for any personal information from the users. If any such activity is encouraged in due course, report it to us immediately.

All the users are responsible for preserving the confidentiality of their accounts and passwords along with their activities on the website. None of the users shall use the website for purposes directed towards personal motives/gains other than the original purpose of the website, without our permission.


Intellectual Property Rights

You agree to accept all the Intellectual Property Rights of Tutorish website and all the ownership rights of the website content rest with us. All the content on the website including the logo is subject to several trademarks, copyrights and other proprietary rights and they are valid and protected in all forms. If you make any attempt to reproduce, post or distribute any content of the website without our permission, you will be violating the IPR rules and regulations. You can copy or download some content which is meant strictly for your personal use.

You accept that any of the violations of the rules mentioned above shall be noted as copyright infringement and appropriate law enforcement actions shall be initiated as a countermeasure.


Tutorish Information Confidentiality

You are entitled to receive certain information from Tutorish as a matter of your association with us. Any such information including but not limited to contractual, pricing, marketing or any other information is to be regarded as strictly confidential. Strict adherence to confidentiality is expected from you.


Business Transactions

You are advised to adhere strictly to Tutorish payment policies if you are associated with us at any time to use our services or offer services through our platform. Users are advised to provide all costs associated with our services which are not limited to (a) cancellation fees (b) transport (c) service fee.

Privacy Policy

Tutorish understands the importance of privacy policy concerning its customers. Therefore, any customer data that is stored by us is for contacting them and for ensuring that our services expectedly reach them.


Limitation of Liability


Tutorish provides a platform for the interaction of users willing to accept and those willing to provide knowledge. As a user, you are gaining access to our content on the sole basis that you agree to abide by the laws of usage and the terms and conditions of our website. We shall be making efforts to provide accurate information to the users, but we are not at all responsible for the reliability, suitability, acceptability of the services and information provided on the website. Any such reliance on the website by the user is at the user’s risk.

Tutorish will not be responsible for any direct, indirect or consequential damages incurred by the user because of the usage or inability to use our website. These damages include but are not limited to defects, errors, transmission problems, operation failure (may/may not be due to acts of God), file disruption.

Your registration for accessing our content on the website might be delayed by the verification process which is conducted by a third party. So, under any circumstances, we will not be liable for your delayed or blocked access to our services.

We are dedicated to a robust and innovative working environment that promotes growth. But if due to certain reasons, we have to cut off access due to maintenance work, we can do that at any time with/without notice. After any changes are made to the website, if the users continue to access our services, we will consider them in agreement with all our terms and conditions along with the changes.


Indemnity Clause


Through this clause, you agree to keep Tutorish, its employees and its major stakeholders and agents effectively indemnified against all liabilities, claims, costs, damages or expenses (including the legal costs) incurred by Tutorish with regards to or giving rise to a situation, from your usage of the website and its services, including but not limited to:

  • Any infringement of Intellectual Property rights or any criminal activity in connection with our services
  • Any breach of the terms of use
  • Unauthorized access to our services