Tutorish takes online tutoring to next level with revamped platform
11 Aug, 2021
Tutorish takes online tutoring to next level with revamped platform

An online tutoring platform that is helping high school students boost their grades


High school students who are looking to improve their grades can now achieve this through the assistance of Tutorish, an online learning platform that is designed towards helping students enrich their education. “We are a perfect online tutoring platform service where high school students can get one on one assistance from qualified tutors in math, physics, chemistry, and biology”, said Raj Gadangi, the Tutorish CTO, while adding that the Tutorish platform is a good alternative for students to seek tutoring help during this pandemic


Tutorish aims at helping the students achieve high scores and reach further. Through the online tutoring platform, students are offered a one-on-one learning experience. The tutors will assist with the development of skills that will be beneficial to them in the future. Tutorish understands that students in grades 9 to 12 have many other obligations, from different classes and sports to part-time jobs, clubs, and of course, socializing after school. The tutors are flexible and can work with any schedule. Lessons are still available at 10 pm., as well as in the morning before classes start.


The tutors at Tutorish are experts in their subject matters. They are ready to assist to understand the material so that they can pass their exams.  They guide their students how to learn and adequately prepare for the exams.


To benefit from the experience offered at Tutorish, a student should enroll at the platform.  “The platform registration process is very simple and has user-friendly navigation”, says the platform representative, while urging the students who think they need assistance to contact Tutorish.

About Tutorish

Tutorish is an online learning platform designed for students who want to enrich their education. Students can tap into the Tutorish one-of-a-kind services to score higher grades and give their potential careers a boost. Its mission is all about educating people by providing the resources needed to become better students and enrich their skills. Tutorish is there to compliment the traditional classroom by offering in-depth explanations of certain materials.  They are there to fill the gap, jumpstart the student’s learning, help them understand better, see better results and ultimately safeguard their future.


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